Bud's Easytm Note Taking System
How To Take Great Notes In Class and From Texts

Use Latest Brain Research To Learn Super Study Skills And Become An A+ Student

James Roberts
ISBN 978-1-891707-11-7  100 Pages
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The Skill of Note Taking
What is a Skill?    How Do We Learn New Skills?  
Note Taking and School Grades  Set Personal Goals 

Latest Memory Research
Working Memory    
Six Long Term MemoryAreas  
Procedural Memory    Semantic Memory    Emotional Memory    Episodic Memory    Automatic Response & Spatial Memory

How To Powerize Your Memory

Lifestyle Affects Memory
Learning Styles
Building Your Six Long Term Memory Banks

Take Great Notes In Class
Select a TV Training Site & Equipment 
Prepare  Notebook 
 Note Taking Tasks
Task 1: Take Notes 
Task 2: Read Your Notes 
Task 3: Restate Main Ideas  
Task 4: Recite Notes
Task 5: Identify Organizational Pattern 
Task 6: Relate To Your Own Life  
Task 7: Review and Recite 
Task 8: Write an Exam Question 

Take Great Notes From Texts
Prepare Notebook Handwritten Method   
Prepare Notebook Computer Method
Note Taking Tasks 
Advantages of Computer Note Taking 

How to Prepare Your Notebook  Handwritten Method 
How to Prepare Your Notebook ComputerMethod 
How To Train for Text Note
Task 1: Get Psyched & Arrange Your  Environment 
Task 2: First Skimming Make an Advance Organizer 
Task 3: Formulate Questions 
Task 4: Intensive Reading Answer Your Questions 
Task 5: Recite
Task 6: Review