Completely Revised!!!
The Ultimate User Friendly Research Handbook

What's New In the Seventh Edition???

Pros and Cons of Facebook, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 Social Networks in Research Writing

Hundreds of sample citations in the styles of:
    *  Modern Language Association 2009
    *  American Psychological Association 2009
    *  Turabian Manual for Writers 2007

Citing with Digital Object Identifiers -DOI

Great Techniques for evaluating print and Internet

Sharp Search Tools for Internet and Databases

How to build Bibliography and Note Files

Expanded Writing Process chapter

Best information on plagiarism prevention

Techniques for writing powerful paragraphs

Editing and Revising methods

How to write three drafts to a perfect paper.

Includes Valuable Sections on:
    Language mechanics, grammar and usage
Improving writing style.

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Bud's Easy Research Paper Computer Manual.
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